Broken Air

I’m reblogging this from 2014 when I first began working on Broken Air

Solo Flight

After a fairly gruelling drive across Europe two weeks ago it took me a least a week to return to working practically on my performance, Solo Flight. Not that I haven’t been thinking about it- my script travelled with me on my computer and I have since settled upon a new title, ‘Broken Air’, borrowed from WS Graham’s poem dedicated to Lanyon after his death, The Thermal Stair. Since getting back I’ve had a couple of rehearsals that were more about remembering where I was than creating new material but more recently I’ve been inspired to return to work with renewed vigour after watching a series of live workshops and seminars from Odin Teatret’s annual event, Odin week:

Eight years ago I was fortunate enough to spend 40 days with 40, so called, foreigners training and generating performance material towards Odin Teatret’s performance, Ur Hamlet.

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