One thought on “Welcome

  1. Hi there, I’ve sent this to your Facebook page too…

    I’m writing to you today to make a bold request… on Saturday (27th) we have an all day event #Sisterhood that is going to be held at One Church, before you come in the evening. It’s an event that has a variety of elements, stand up comedy, music, speakers, workshops, food.. to raise money for RISE the local domestic abuse charity as their budget has been cut and as a consequence people aren’t able to get support unless they’re in physical danger. It’s donation based entry, please come and join us! We had originally booked for the Other One Church on Florence road but due to miscommunication at the venue, they double booked and so offered us the Gloucester Road space. Which is great as it’s much more central, however, we have advertised until 5pm and we have so much going on that it’ll be impossible to cut it short. Are we able to run it until 5pm and you have our word that our team will run a tight ship and get the space super clean for you as soon as we’re done. We’ll even help you set up for your evening performance and we’ll save some of the Real Junk Food Project’s yummy food for you to have too! It would be so appreciated if you can help us with this and help us to support such a great cause.
    My name is Emily, feel free to call/text me if it’s easier: 07914155978
    Let me know your thoughts. 🙂


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